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Portable Hole

Wondrous Item, Rare (cost 5000 gp)
Crafting Components

Preserved corpses of 7 shadows

While not in use, this item appears as a cloth the color of darkness. When unfolded, it opens up into a circular sheet that is 6 feet in diameter. 

You can use an action to unfold the portable hole on a stable solid surface. When unfolded, the item creates a hole 10 feet deep that leads to a cylindrical extra dimensional space which cannot be used to create open passages. Closing the hole requires an action and involves you taking a hold of the edges and folding it up. No matter its contents, the hole weighs next to nothing. 

Food or water placed in a closed portable hole immediately and permanently lose all nourishing qualities—after being in the item, water no longer slakes thirst and food does not sate hunger or nourish. In a similar fashion, the body of a dead creature placed in the portable hole cannot be restored to life by revivify , raise dead , or other similar magic. Breathing creatures inside a closed portable hole can survive for up to 2d4 minutes divided by the number of creatures (minimum 1 minute), after which time they begin to suffocate .

Creatures inside the hole while it’s open can exit the hole by simply climbing out. A creature still within the hole can use an action to make a DC 10 Strength check to escape as it is being closed. On a success, the creature appears within 5 feet of the item or creature carrying it.

Placing a portable hole inside another extradimensional storage device such as a bag of holding or handy haversack results in planar rift that destroys both items and pulls everything within 10 feet into the Astral Plane. The rift then closes and disappears.