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Raise Dead

Casting Time
One creature that died within the last 10 days
diamond worth at least 500 gold, consumed by the spell

You return the target to life, provided its soul is willing and able to return to its body. The creature returns to life with 1 hit point. The spell cannot return an undead creature to life.

The spell cures any poisons and nonmagical diseases that affected the creature at the time of death. It does not remove any magical diseases, curses, or other magical effects; these must be removed prior to the spell being cast, otherwise they immediately take effect when the creature returns to life.

The spell does not regrow limbs or organs, and it automatically fails if the target is missing any body parts necessary for life (like its heart or head).

Being raised from the dead takes a toll on the body, mind, and spirit. The target suffers 3 levels of fatigue and strife . At the conclusion of each long rest , the target removes one level of fatigue and strife until the target completely recovers.