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AC 17 (natural armor)

HP 195 (17d12 + 85; bloodied 97)

Speed 30 ft., burrow 20 ft.

Proficiency +4; Maneuver DC 18

Saving Throws Intelligence +1, Wisdom +5

Damage Immunities cold, fire

Senses darkvision 60 ft., tremorsense 60 ft., passive Perception 11


Heated Body. A creature that starts its turn grappled by the remorhaz, touches it, or hits it with a melee attack while within 5 feet takes 10 (3d6) fire damage, or 21 (6d6) fire damage if the remorhaz is bloodied. A creature can take this damage only once on a turn. If the remorhaz has been subjected to cold damage since the end of its last turn, this trait doesn’t function.


Multiattack. The remorhaz makes a bite attack and then a constrict attack.

Bite. Melee Weapon Attack: +10 to hit, reach 10 ft., one target. Hit: 16 (3d6 + 6) piercing damage plus 10 (3d6) fire damage. If the target is a Medium or smaller creature grappled by the remorhaz, the target is swallowed. A swallowed creature is blinded and restrained , it has total cover from attacks from outside the remorhaz, and it takes 21 (6d6) acid damage at the start of each of the remorhaz’s turns.

If a swallowed creature deals 30 or more damage to the remorhaz in a single turn, or if the remorhaz dies, the remorhaz vomits up all swallowed creatures.

Constrict. Melee Weapon Attack: +10 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: 16 (3d6 + 6) bludgeoning damage, and the target is subjected to the remorhaz’s Heated Body trait. The target is grappled (escape DC 18) and restrained while grappled. The remorhaz can grapple three creatures at once.


The remorhaz ambushes prey, biting and then constricting. It bites and swallows a constricted creature whenever possible. When reduced to 30 hit points or fewer, it releases any creatures it is constricting and plays dead.

Legends and Lore

With an Arcana or Nature check, characters can learn the following:

DC 10 A remorhaz tunnels through ice, snow, and permafrost with help from its searing-hot body. That same forge-like heat makes fighting one in close quarters dangerous.

DC 15 Remorhazes will often coil around their prey to burn them alive. A remorhaz can also swallow a grown humanoid whole.


Remorhazes are fearsome predators native to cold climates. They sit near the top of the food chain by bringing fire to lands where ice reigns. Remorhazes are ambush predators, lurking below the ground and sensing prey by the vibrations of their footsteps. Veteran arctic travelers know to watch for patches of melted or “drooping” snow, as this can be an indication that a remorhaz is near. 

True Omnivore. A remorhaz’s diet consists of any creature unfortunate enough to wander into its hunting grounds. It also eats minerals like sulfur and phosphorus to maintain its internal furnace.

Enormous Delicacy. Though remorhazes are fearsome, they sometimes fall prey to even larger creatures, such as ice worms, which feast on a remorhaz at any opportunity.


1–3 In ambush beneath snow

4 At the bottom of a bubbling hot spring

5 In a cave surrounded by bones, possibly guarding eggs

6 Feeding on a dead elk


1 DC 15 Perception check: disturbed patch of snow, as if someone has been digging

2 Charred, half-eaten polar bear

3 An icy path through the snow; DC 12 Nature check: something melted the snow and it then refroze

4 Many tiny footprints, like those of an immense caterpillar


The remorhaz is native to the tundra but can also be found in high mountains.

CR 5–10 1 or 2 remorhaz spawn

Treasure 600 gp, mithral dagger with amber-inlaid hilt (250 gp)

CR 11–16 remorhaz ; 3 remorhaz spawn

Treasure bracelet carved out of unmelting ice (2,500), remorhaz egg (1,000 gp), 6 1 arrows tipped with white dragon teeth (deal an additional 1d6 cold damage), full plate armor of cold resistance  

CR 17–22 remorhaz with 1 or 2 remorhaz spawn

Treasure 6 sapphires (1,000 gp each), giant-sized platinum snake armlet (2,500), potion of supreme healing, vorpal longsword (sized for a Huge creature but resizes to its wielder’s hand)

Monster Type Description

Monstrosities are magical beings usually native to the Material Plane. Some monstrosities combine the features of beasts and humanoids, like centaurs . Others have bizarre or unnatural appearances, like many-tentacled ropers . Monstrosities could only arise in a world suffused with magic.