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Sphere of Annihilation

rd tier (
(less than 1 hour)

Inside the mouth of a statue or well is nothing but void—a sphere of annihilation concealed as a simple hole or pit with the promise that something of value may be hidden beyond it. 

Tales. A History check recalls tales of horror involving the use of a fell sphere or information about those who built the statue or well.

Trap. This trap can be detected by a passive Investigation of 20 to notice the subtle runes and glyphs carved around the void, but only if observed under the effects of detect magic.

Possible Solutions

The outcome of this exploration challenge is not measured by failures or successes, instead depending entirely upon the party’s actions. An Arcana check identifies the sphere once it has been detected. 

The sphere completely annihilates anything that passes through it, with the exception of artifacts. Anything that touches the sphere but does not entirely pass through it takes 44 (8d10) force damage. In addition, the energies of the sphere spoil any Supply the adventurer is carrying.

A unique effect happens if the sphere comes into contact with a planar portal or extradimensional space (such as a portable hole). In the case of such an event, the Narrator rolls d100 to determine what happens next: on 1–50 the sphere is destroyed, on 51–85 the sphere simply moves through the portal or into the space, and on 86–100 a rift forms that pulls in all creatures and objects within 180 feet. Each object and creature, including the sphere, reappears in a random plane of existence.

Using their combined knowledge and some good luck the adventurers can gain control of the sphere of annihilation with a DC 25 Arcana check (see Chapter 13: Enchanted Gear).

If the party manages to get past the sphere, roll on the Boons and Discoveries table.