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(3 hours)

Stormy skies above quickly mass together as the wind picks up. In a matter of minutes the gusts are strong enough to knock creatures over and a cyclone touches down onto the nearby ground!

Realize Danger. With a Nature check an adventurer knows how to stay safe in a tornado (sighting funnel clouds that will develop into new twisters, avoiding trees, protecting one’s head, crouching to avoid the wind, using ditches and gullies) and the party has advantage on Athletics checks made against it.

Tempest Winds. When a creature rolls a natural 1 on an ability check against the tornado, it makes a Strength saving throw or is thrown 200 feet, taking 35 (10d6) bludgeoning damage. A creature suffers a level of fatigue when it takes 20 or more damage from being thrown by the tornado.

Possible Solutions

A successful group check using the following options allow the adventurers to travel across the area:

  • A group Athletics check to withstand the tornado and trudge forward.
  • A group Survival check to find shelter along the way and take cover, waiting a day for the storm to pass. 
  • A casting of control weather immediately ends the tornado and triggers a critical success.

Potential Outcomes

Critical Failure: Each adventurer suffers one level of fatigue and loses half of their Supply, and the party loses an extra day of travel time.

Failure: Each adventurer suffers one level of fatigue and loses 4 (1d4+2) Supply.

Success: The adventurers make it through, fighting against the winds.

Critical Success: The adventurers travel through the tempest unhindered. Roll twice on the Boons and Discoveries table.

Leave It Be

The party cannot choose to simply avoid the tornado altogether without an adventurer succeeding on a Nature check, and even then it costs them 2 (1d4) days of travel time.