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Control Weather

Casting Time
Area Shape
burning incense, bits of earth, and wood mixed with water
Concentration ( 8 hours )

Area: 5-mile radius

You must be outdoors to cast this spell, and it ends early if you don’t have a clear path to the sky. Until the spell ends, you change the weather conditions in the area from what is normal for the current climate and season. Choose to increase or decrease each weather condition (precipitation, temperature, and wind) up or down by one stage on the following tables. Whenever you change the wind, you can also change its direction. The new conditions take effect after 1d4 × 10 minutes, at which point you can change the conditions again. The weather gradually returns to normal when the spell ends. 

Table: Precipitation

Stage Condition
1 Clear
2 Light clouds
3 Overcast or ground fog
4 Rain, hail, or snow
5 Torrential rain, driving hail, or blizzard

Table: Temperature

Stage Condition
1 Extreme heat
2 Hot
3 Warm
4 Cool
5 Cold
6 Extreme Cold

Table: Wind

Stage Condition
1 Calm
2 Moderate wind
3 Strong wind
4 Gale
5 Storm