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White Elk

nd tier (
(less than 1 hour)

The party encounters a herd of elk , but one stands apart—a white bull elk with antlers that shine like crystal. The white elk is clearly wounded, an arrow sticking into its side. It looks at the party before bounding off into the woods or undergrowth.

Arcane Lore. Arcana check to know that the heart, blood, and antlers of this creature are highly valued by certain spellcasters.

Divine Lore. Religion check to recognize that white elk are a sign of divine favor and any who kill a white elk are cursed .

Natural Lore. Nature check to determine that this is not a natural form of albinism.

Possible Solutions

A success on this exploration challenge requires three ability checks.

  • The party needs to track the elk first with a Survival check.
  • When they catch up with it they have to calm it with an Animal Handling check so it lets them approach. 
  • Finally tending to its wounds needs a Medicine check (or by using magical healing that restores at least 20 hit points). 

Potential Outcomes

Critical Failure: If the party harms the elk, divine powers curse each of the adventurers. The nature of the curses are determined by the Narrator and function as bestow curse spells cast at 9th-level. In addition, a wake of confusing energies is left behind by the white elk’s passing to obscure its trail from pursuers, making the party magically lost for 4 (1d4+2) days.

Failure: If the party does not help the elk, the weather turns bad for the remainder of their time in this region, and their next combat encounter or exploration challenge has an encounter element determined by the Narrator.

Success: If the party heals the elk, they earn its blessing and the next time the adventurers take a short rest they gain the benefits of a long rest .

Critical Success: If the party heals the elk and any of their ability checks are a critical success, the adventurers are touched by the elk and imparted with important knowledge. Roll on the Boons and Discoveries table.