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Fellspire Gloaming

nd tier (
(time varies)

The insatiable cravings and unnatural twilight seep into travelers’ minds, causing them to become ravenous and suspicious. Supply consumed as part of this challenge does not reduce an adventurer’s normal need for nourishment.

Growing Hunger. Every 4 hours spent in the shadow an adventurer must make a Wisdom saving throw . On a failure, they must consume a Supply or suffer one level of strife .

Watchful Companion. An adventurer succeeding on an Insight check is able to ignore their own hunger long enough to notice the rapacious looks on their companions’ faces. On a success, this adventurer, as well as any other they mention this phenomenon to, gains an expertise die on their next roll against this challenge.

Possible Solutions
  • Adventurers can temporarily dispel the gloaming by holding an impromptu feast. If the feast lasts over two hours and at least 2 Supply is provided per adventurer, this triggers an automatic success as the companions reconnect over a generous meal and conversation. It also delays the next growing hunger check for 24 hours.
  • Alternatively, a group check to bolster the party’s resolve can be made. For example, a Religion check to recall a sustaining meditation, a Performance check to provide pleasant distraction, or a Survival or Medicine check to confirm that, despite what they’re feeling, they’re actually sufficiently fed.

Potential Outcomes

Critical Failure. Overcome by an allconsuming hunger the adventurers fall to devouring and squabbling over every scrap of food and drink. In their frenzy, the adventurers consume or destroy all of their Supply and suffer a level of strife .

Failure. Each adventurer that failed discretely consumes 2 Supply while watching those around them for signs of treachery. If they cannot consume 2 Supply they suffer a level of strife .

Success. The adventurers manage to maintain their control and resist the gloaming's savage hunger.

Critical Success. Fighting off the encroaching mistrust renews the adventurer’s bonds and their confidence in each other. Each adventurer gains an expertise die on the next action they take to help their comrades.