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Blood Maggot


AC 12
HP 3 (1d4 + 1; bloodied 1)
Speed 20 ft., burrow 5 ft., climb 15 ft., swim 15 ft.

Proficiency +2; Maneuver DC 12
Damage Resistances poison
Condition Immunities charmed , frightened , poisoned
Senses blindsight 40 ft., tremorsense 40 ft., passive Perception 9

Disconcerting Leap. The blood maggot can jump up to half its Speed horizontally and half its Speed vertically. If it’s within 5 feet of a creature at the end of this movement, it may make a bite attack against that creature with advantage .


Bite. Melee Weapon Attack: +4 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: 4 (1d4 + 2) piercing damage. The blood maggot attaches to the target. Any creature can make a DC 11 Strength check to remove it. While attached, the blood maggot cannot attack other creatures.

Burrow. Once the blood maggot is attached, it attempts to burrow into the target, which makes a DC 11 Constitution saving throw , taking 4 (1d4 + 2) damage on a failure and half damage on a success.

A blood maggot can be removed with a successful piercing or slashing attack and takes damage equal to half the damage dealt to the host. If it is not removed within three rounds, the target is infected with a blood maggot infestation . If the target dies at any point in this process, it rises 1 minute later as a gorger zombie.


Commonly found in the mud and viscera of battlefields, blood maggots continually hunger. While they will feed on corpses if given no other alternative, they instinctively attack any living creature they can detect in an attempt to infest them. Perhaps hinting at the strange intelligence they develop later in life, blood maggots have an uncanny knack for preferentially targeting unarmored creatures most susceptible to their attacks. They are also relentless, capable of traversing many kinds of terrain to get at their victims.


1–2 A corpse fly buzzing about a battlefield.

3–4 A gorger zombie in military uniform pulling itself out of a mass grave.

5 Multiple corpse flies lying in wait, with battlefield loot as bait.

6 Blood maggots attempting to infect a humanoid.


1 A purposefully-piled mound of corpses.

2 Strange wriggling under the clothing of a corpse.

3 A dead animal, its body mutilated from the inside.

4 Worm-like trails in the mud.


Corpse gorgers can be found wherever there is mass slaughter on the Material Plane.

CR 0–2 1d8 blood maggots; 3 or 4 gorger zombies; 1 or 2 corpse flies; misery of blood maggots

CR 3–4 2d4 + 4 gorger zombies with a corpse fly; 3 or 4 corpse flies, gorger zombie horde

Treasure 1 potion of healing, 4 assorted pieces of jewelry (25 gp each), sealed orders

CR 5–10 scourge of corpse flies

Monster Type Description

Monstrosities are magical beings usually native to the Material Plane. Some monstrosities combine the features of beasts and humanoids, like centaurs . Others have bizarre or unnatural appearances, like many-tentacled ropers . Monstrosities could only arise in a world suffused with magic.