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Chariot a la Calabaza

Wondrous Item, Rare (cost 1000 gp)
Crafting Components

Pumpkin that has been the target of a gentle repose spell and then left in the Ethereal Plane for a year and a day

The original chariot a la Calabaza was created by a powerful wizard with a penchant for transmutation and riding in style. It is pulled by two spectral stallions with flowing manes and tails, who function as per the phantom steed spell. As an action, you may speak the command word to transform the chariot into a pumpkin two feet in diameter. Speaking the command word again transforms the pumpkin into a carriage and resummons the horses.

While in pumpkin form, the chariot is, in truth, a pumpkin, except that it does not naturally decay. Attempts to carve, smash, or draw upon the pumpkin are reflected onto the chariot’s form when it reappears, although the horses seem to remain unscathed regardless of such events.