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Unparalleled Pianoforte

Wondrous Item, Rare (cost 1000 gp)
Crafting Components

Musical piece written by a master composer, wood from an instrument used by a faerie for at least 20 hours of performance

This elegant pianoforte has been painted white, with gold filigree adorning its lid and the tops of its keys. Originally commissioned by a noble with particularly musically incompetent children, those instrument. It allows you to add an expertise die to your attempt to play it; this die increases by one step if you have proficiency with Performance.

If you succeed at a DC 17 Performance check, you may choose up to six creatures within 30 feet that can hear the pianoforte. For the next hour, these creatures have a d8 Inspiration die which can be spent on any one attack roll , ability check , or saving throw .