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Hope's Final Light

Wondrous Item, Legendary (cost 150000 gp)
Crafting Components

A lantern that has been carried willingly into danger by at least ten people, all of whom died carrying it.

This fine silver hooded lantern is lit with an everburning light that emanates no heat and burns a pale blue. With its filigreed hood down in the dark, it projects strange shadows on nearby walls which dance like those of a zoetrope, depicting stories of heroic triumph against all odds. Holding it lifts your spirits.

When you find this lantern, roll 2d6 – 2. The result is its current charges. While carrying it,
you can increase its current charges by sacrificing some of your own vitality. For each charge you add, your maximum hit dice are reduced by 1 and your current hit dice are reduced by the same amount (to a minimum of 0). The lantern can only hold a maximum of 10 charges at one time. If an effect would cause the lantern to expend more charges than it currently has, you immediately provide charges to meet the need. If you do not have enough hit dice to meet the cost, the effect fails.

If the lantern has 6 or more charges, the radius of its bright light is doubled. If the lantern has 0 charges, it sheds no light. Charges can be expended in the following ways using your reaction (unless otherwise noted):

  • Allies in the lantern’s bright light can use their reaction to spend 1 charge to add 1d12 to an attack roll , ability check , or saving throw after it’s rolled. You can use your own reaction to disallow this use.
  • When a creature in the lantern’s bright light is reduced to 0 hit points, you can expend 1 or more charges to roll 1d12 per charge expended. The creature is conscious with hit points equal to the result.
  • When a creature in the lantern’s bright light takes damage, you can project a shield over them. The damage is negated, and the lantern loses 1 charge per 10 damage negated (minimum 1).
  • When a creature in the lantern’s bright light is targeted by a spell or would be caught in the area of a spell, you can negate the spell’s effect on that creature. The lantern loses charges equal to the spell’s level.

If hope’s final light is missing any charges at dawn, roll 1d8. On a 1, nothing happens. Otherwise, it regains all lost charges.

Curse. Hope’s final light is a dangerous burden. If you have 0 hit dice remaining after providing charges to it, you are pulled into the lantern and are impossible to resurrect except by the direct intervention of a deity. The stories of creatures who vanish in this way are depicted in the shadows it casts.