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Sea of Sand

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(3 hours)

Undulating dunes of sand stretch toward a horizon distorted by waves of heat. The sand shifts and flows to cover up tracks in a matter of moments, and the dunes are both exhausting to crest and dangerous to descend.

Appropriate Gear. The use of appropriate mounts (such as camels) and keeping a light pack (less than half carrying capacity) allow for travel at a normal pace without suffering from Unforgiving Heat.

Cold Nights. The cool nights alleviate the dangers of travel under the blazing sun. Night time travel has its own issues such as predators and tripping hazards, but reduces the strain of the journey and adventurers gain an expertise die on checks made against the exploration challenge.

Hilly. When a creature is knocked prone , it makes a Dexterity saving throw or slides 20 feet down a snow pile.

Sandy. The area is difficult terrain , and Survival checks made to find tracks have disadvantage

Unforgiving Heat. When traveling through this area during the day at faster than a slow pace, at the end of every hour each adventurer and mount makes a Constitution saving throw or suffers a level of fatigue . Immunity to fire damage grants an automatic success on this save.

Possible Solutions
  • A group Survival or Athletics check is needed to traverse the sand dunes. 

Potential Outcomes

Critical Failure: All of the water being carried by the party evaporates or spoils. The adventurers suffer a level of fatigue and need to locate a source of water as soon as they reach a new area.

Failure: Each of the adventurers lose 4 (1d4+2) Supply to contamination or spoiling in the heat.

Success: A hardened pass of dirt and stone allows for a reasonably flat and straight path.

Critical Success: The party stumbles upon a natural spring or oasis. Roll on the Boons and Discoveries table.