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Comozant Storm

rd tier (
(3 hours)

Sheets of rain come down so hard and fast it’s painful, and even breathing becomes difficult. Lightning crackles, thunder booms, and wisps of pale green fire collect together into almost humanoid form. Known as corpse lights, corposants, or comozants, these occasionally manifest beyond mere atmospheric phenomenon and instead become sentient flashes of primal energy. Legend says they contain the memories of those lost at sea.

Comozant Flashes. Every hour, lightning strikes and a comozant appears near a randomly determined adventurer. They make a Wisdom saving throw , taking 8 (2d8) psychic damage and 8 (2d8) radiant damage on a failure or half damage on a success as their mind is seared by memories not their own. They also suffer a level of strife the first time they take this damage in a 24 hour period. Each adventurer who suffers this damage has advantage on their next Culture or History check as they fortuitously recall part of the memories that were inflicted on them.

Slippery. The storm turns the entire area muddy, making it difficult terrain .

Violent Weather. The thunderstorm’s effects spread across the landscape in a 20-mile radius, filling the area with high winds, rain, and lightning strikes. Adventurers can only hear sounds within 30 feet (except for loud, explosive noises). In addition, every hour a randomly determined adventurer makes a Dexterity saving throw , taking 14 (4d6) lightning damage on a failure, or half damage on a success.

Possible Solutions

The party can make an Engineering check to construct a suitable shelter, or a group Survival check to push through the storm.

Critical Failure: The party loses 1 day of travel. Each adventurer loses 6 (2d4+2) Supply and suffers 2 levels of fatigue .

Failure: The party loses 10 (3d4+3) Supply . They also suffer 1 level of fatigue .

Success: The party pushes through the worst of the storm.

Critical Success: The party pushes through the storm and finds something interesting. Roll on the Boons and Discoveries table.