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Promises Given

rd tier (
(1 hour)

In certain parts of the Dreaming, visitors run the risk of being challenged by a faerie noble beholden to the Court of Dawn and face being held to account for casual words and easy promises, or failing to hold to any lasting commitments. This representative of the Court demands explanation in either case.

Retribution of the Dawn. The fey will retreat if adventurers react violently, but this will earn the party the enmity of the Count of Dawn, a powerful archfey connected to the Court of Summer.

Words of Flattery. A successful Arcana or Insight check will reveal that the Count and many of his underlings are thoroughly narcissistic. Offering compliments on dress, standing, or beauty will give an adventurer advantage on Persuasion checks against the Court’s representative.

Possible Solutions

The party makes a group Persuasion check to convince the representative that they are committed to a number of promises and do not take such things lightly.

Critical Failure. The representative is offended by the party’s lack of commitment or consideration of their words. The adventurers are charged with carrying out some trivial but time consuming task (usually to deliver a message to another fey) in the Dreaming as per the geas spell. This task takes 9 (2d6 + 2) days to carry out under normal conditions. This effect lasts until the task is completed (if the party employs magical means or impressive skill to finish it early) or the expected duration ends, whichever comes first.

Failure. The adventurers who failed are as per the suggestion spell, with the instruction ‘swear an oath.’ This oath is to be a simple task the adventurer can easily complete daily, such as making a flower wreath or playing a song dedicated to the Count of Dawn. This effect lasts for a week. Adventurers can attempt to resist each day, rolling against this challenge’s DC, but those who follow through gain an expertise die on a randomly determined skill for 24 hours after the seventh completed task.

Success. The party is applauded for their commitment and careful choice of words and is permitted to continue traveling. Additionally, each adventurer gains an expertise die on their next interaction with a member of the Court of Dawn.

Critical Success. Impressed, the representative offers the party a promise of aid and provides them with a word. For the next year that word can be spoken as an action once. Doing so will summon the representative, who will assist the party for one minute or, if engaged in combat, until it becomes bloodied , at which point it vanishes back to the Dreaming.