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Submitted by tyleroi on Tue, 01/02/2024 - 13:50

Gate Pass Gazette Issue #17

We have added the content from Gate Pass Gazette Issue #17 (from July 2023). Brave the Court of Dawn or the Tribunal of Twilight. Set sail and meet the reef singers or affix a jaunty anemone to your hat, but beware the revolutionary zeal of the Blastfire Pirates. Perhaps you may look to the Hands of the Deliverers for protection from these new threats?

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The Court of Dawn & Tribunal of Twilight

Holding sway over smaller domains than the Queens of Summer and Winter, the Count of Dawn and the Earlessa of Twilight nonetheless have influence over the beginnings and endings of things. A wise mortal is cautious about offering new promises or not having fulfilled old ones anywhere near the gatestones that mark the entrance to their domains. Marked with a half-sun, half-moon symbol, these towering arches of rock are easily tall enough for a giants to enter without ducking and give off a soft fading glow of sunlight.

Origins of the Southern Seas

A return to the southern seas, first introduced in Gate Pass Gazette Issue #09 with the galeoni and the podes , you can make your return to the idyllic southern seas where countless creatures live in a healthy balance with their environment, whether they are singing to encourage growth of gorgeous reefs, or scavenging from whatever may be left behind with the ebb and flow of the tides.

Scourge of the Sea

Like most seafaring cutthroats, the marauding Blastfire Pirates make use of cannon and gunshot, but they also share an explosive secret: a mysterious fuel that can send their vessels careening through the water at breakneck speeds. This innovation makes them incredible ambushers—and a devil to catch. The leader of this swift pirate fleet is the intrepid and inventive halfling Bonnie Blastfire , feared across all the seas as much for her impulsiveness and unpredictability as the legendary fierceness of her waterborne assaults. She and her buccaneers stoke the fires of revolution everywhere they sail, sometimes even serving rebellions to help overturn the rule of law.

Hands of the Deliverers

job of bodyguard is an old and respected one. However, sometimes a sharp eye and an intimidating presence simply aren’t enough, even when pared with martial prowess. The following archetypes take this concept to new—and often magical–heights. While not all who follow these paths are noble or selfless, this article also features a new organization: The Deliverers, who seek safety and equality for all.

Those looking for a roguish bent to the theme should consider the Bodyguard archetype from “Playing Against Type” in Gate Pass Gazette Issue #06.