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Promises Unfulfilled

rd tier (
(1 hour)

In certain parts of the Dreaming visitors run the risk of being met by a faerie noble beholden to the Tribunal of Twilight (or perhaps even the Earlessa herself in disguise) and face being held to account for oaths as yet unfulfilled or for promising things that, in their judgment, the adventurers cannot achieve. The representative of  the Tribunal demands explanation in either case.

Ire of Twilight. The fey will retreat if adventurers react violently, but this will earn the party the enmity of the Earlessa of Twilight, a powerful archfey connected to the Court of Winter.

Words of Wisdom. A successful Arcana or Culture check will reveal that the Earlessa and many of her underlings are interested in hidden knowledge. Offering some new or secret information will give an adventurer advantage on checks to convince the Tribunal’s representative.

Possible Solutions

The party needs to make a group check to convince the representative that they understand the gravity of their commitments and are actively working to fulfill them. Adventurers can each choose from the following skills: a History check to point out a parallel between a famous figure and the adventurer’s own path; a Performance check to tell of their adventurers and link their successes to their commitments; a Religion check to quote a passage of a holy book that inspires faith and dedication.

Critical Failure. The Tribunal’s representative states that the party seems unlikely to ever achieve their obligations, and such is the sorrow in its voice that the party is heartbroken and all adventurers suffer two levels of strife .

Failure. Adventurers who fail suffer a level of strife as a baleful glare from the representative makes them feel like a child caught misbehaving.

Success. The representative commends the party on their commitment. Additionally, each adventurer gains an expertise die on their next interaction with a member of the Tribunal of Twilight.

Critical Success. The representative offers congratulations and the encouragement of a trusted mentor. Each member of the party reduces their strife level by 1 and gains an expertise die to the skill they used to convince the fey for the next week.