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Wild Revelry

nd tier (
(less than 1 hour)

Filled as it is with potent wines, sumptuous food, and wild abandon, it is hard not to be lost in the excitement of the Harvest Hall. Inhibitions fall away and over-indulgence is almost certain, leaving attendees exhausted and embarrassed.

Abnormal Constitution. Adventurers that do not need to eat or drink, automatically succeed on checks against this challenge, but can’t benefit from the Restorative feature of this challenge.

Focused Restraint. Adepts , clerics , and heralds that are driven by strict restraint gain advantage on any attempts to resist the Wild Revelry. At the narrator’s discretion, this advantage may also be extended to other adventurers who are defined by their self-control.

Restorative. Adventurers partaking in the revels are released from sorrow by the stories, song, and dance and rejuvenated by the food and drink. An attendee who joins the revels willingly lowers their strife and fatigue by 1 level for every hour they participate.

Constant Enticement. With a constantly shifting array of victuals and entertainment, it is nearly impossible to resist the temptation to join in forever. After every 2 (1d4) hours spent in the midst of a wild revel (such as that of the Harvest Hall), adventurers must face this challenge again. Adventurers who succeeded on a previous iteration of this challenge within the past 24 hours gain advantage on ability checks made against this challenge.

Possible Solutions

Each adventurer makes a Constitution or Wisdom saving throw to avoid any unwelcome side-effects of the food, drink, and excitement of the feast. For every hour spent enjoying the revels, the DC for this save is increased by 1.

Critical Failure. The party earns the enmity of a powerful faerie noble after some clumsy accident sees them spilling wine or food on the august personage, or insulting them in some grievous way. The noble will avoid direct conflict and nurse its injured pride, seeking retribution at a later date.

Failure. Each adventurer that failed the Constitution saving throw is painfully sick and suffers a level of fatigue .

Success. Despite a wild time, the party feels remarkably refreshed and emboldened by the event.

Critical Success. The adventurers learn some secret or are gifted a boon by one of the other revelers. Roll on the Boons and Discoveries table.