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Submitted by tyleroi on Fri, 04/12/2024 - 15:23

Gate Pass Gazette Issue #21 Added

We have added the content from Gate Pass Gazette Issue #21 (from November 2023). Learn the honorbound fighting style of the gallant heart, attend the feasts in the Harvest Hall, hear the sonorous lament of the wailrus, or expand your mind with new cerebral archetypes.

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Gallant Heart

Not all warriors are battle-bred berserkers or levelheaded deadeyes. Dwelling among knightly orders and noble courts, the martially-inclined hone a more urbane tradition. Among their number are honorbound knights who protect the meek, vivacious debonaires who seek every thrill, and ruthless manipulators who prey on the weak.

Harvest Hall

Many mortals have heard of the wild feasts of the Dreaming, but the most raucous is that of the Harvest Hall. Breathing life into every harvest celebration across the Dreaming, the hall is first discovered by a random satyr around the last moon of autumn.

Baleful Behemoth: The Wailrus

While most undead come from the intense emotions of sapient creatures, the wailrus is a special case. Called forth by a spirit of the sea and embodied in the form of an enormous walrus, this unliving terror occupies an interesting place in the field of undead study. This is likely very cold comfort to those unfortunate sailors that encounter it, however, as they are driving into the icy seas themselves in search of the source of a mournful song.

Cerebral Archetypes

Many mortals accept that their minds have much untapped power, but few truly explore it. Those who do realize their inner potential can manipulate and exploit that power, creating wondrous examples of mental achievement. Whether one manipulates the physical structure of the brain, the forgotten truths left behind by lapses of memory, or the mind’s remarkable ability to adapt to strange circumstances, these mindwalkers open up a new dimension of adventuring skill.