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Airship (Stronghold)

An airship is a flying bastion, able to carry crew, passengers, and supplies on long voyages. Many airships are well-appointed or even opulent, as such a vessel requires a massive investment.

Airships are unable to use the disguised, island, mountaintop, underground, or pocket dimension features. They must have the mobile (as detailed in “Heirs of Command: Marshal Archetypes” in Gate Pass Gazette Issue #9) and floating in the air features. As a stronghold, you may treat your airship as a haven .

Special. As airships are often modified water-based ships, the size cost, and staff of an airship is determined not by its square footage, but by a corresponding vehicle (see Tables: Land, Water, or Air Vehicles in Chapter Four: Equipment of Adventurer’s Guide). Depending on the nature of the base vehicle, the Narrator may or may not choose to apply the cost multiplier of the floating in the air feature—a cloud galleon is already equipped to fly, but enchanting a mundane warship will likely be quite expensive

Ability Score Increase: Charisma or Dexterity

Stronghold Feat: You gain proficiency in air vehicles if you do not already have it

At Grade 3 you gain an expertise die on all Athletics or Acrobatics checks to climb or keep your feet.

At Grade 4 you gain the ability to speak with any creature capable of flight, though this does not provide them with greater intelligence to reply.

At Grade 5 your ship becomes so well-known that you and a number of allies equal to your proficiency bonus gain an expertise die when making Intimidation or Persuasion checks, chosen once.

Best Suited For: Bard , marshal , rogue

Minimum Size: 400 square feet (Grade 2)

Minimum Quality: Average

Followers Available: Aeronaut, cook, diviner, healer, interpreter