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Amethyst Dragon

Though still reclusive by draconic standards, amethyst dragons are the most diplomatic of the gem dragons. They favor nonviolent negotiations, but even deals they make in good faith seem to end in their favor. They make their lairs welcoming to humanoid guests and are always eager to resolve a conflict with words before resorting to talons or the earth-shattering force of their breath weapons.

Master Manipulators. To meet an amethyst dragon is to become its puppet. The moment it becomes aware of a creature, the dragon is already plotting to thwart the creature’s plans or claim it as a pawn. An amethyst dragon’s only saving grace is its lack of malice. Rarely does an amethyst dragon kill its foes outright, considering such violence a needless waste of resources. Instead, it seeks to turn each situation to its advantage—and occasionally to the advantage of its allies as well.