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Turn-Based Action provides a structure for all characters and creatures in the immediate area to engage with one another at the same time whether for combat or other dangerous scenarios. These rules refer to "you" and specify either the player or the character(s) you control. The Narrator controls all the nonplayer characters and creatures in Turn-Based Action while each other player controls their adventurer.

The most common use for Turn-Based Action is combat.

When to Use Turn-Based Action

Turn-Based Action can be called when a hostile action is taken, the characters enter a precarious location or situation, or at the start of a competition. Whenever methodical actions are necessary from multiple characters at the same time, this system presents the scene in a way that everyone gets the spotlight.

Setting the Scene

The Narrator establishes the conditions of any Turn-Based Action encounter. This includes the known participants and their positions, any active elements and known world bonuses or penalties in the environment, and the length of each round.

A round encompasses the semi-simultaneous actions of the participants within a period of game world time. For combat, one round is usually 6 seconds. In other cases a round might take 10 seconds, 1 minute, or 10 minutes as deemed appropriate by the Narrator.