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Among the varied peoples that call the Underland home, there are those that live their lives alongside gelatinous cubes and other oozes, using them for food, trade, and industry. Typical friendly and mercantile, the Cuberos are nonetheless very keenly aware of the dangers lurking out in the dark and make it common practice to be both well-armed and well-spoken.

Characters raised in the Cuberos culture share a variety of traits in common with one another.

Cube Harvester. You are proficient in Animal Handling and with a poisoner’s kit. In addition, you can spend an hour with your poisoner’s kit to harvest special enzymes from the remains of an ooze as though you were harvesting poisons from flora. While working with ooze remains, you can instead refine a vial of acid in place of a basic poison. You can refine 2 vials of acid in place of an advanced poison and 3 in place of a potent poison.

Polite but Armed. You are proficient with maces, warhammers, and war picks. You are also proficient in Culture and gain a speciality in etiquette.

Superior Darkvision. You are used to living in the dark and can see further in darkness and dim light than others of your kind. You have darkvision out to a range of 60 feet. If you already had darkvision, its range increases to 120 feet instead.

Languages. You can speak, read, write, and sign Common and Undercommon and one other language of your choice.