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Submitted by tyleroi on Wed, 07/19/2023 - 16:08

Gate Pass Gazette Issue #12 Added

We have added the content from Gate Pass Gazette Issue #12 (from February 2023). This issue contains exploration challenges and monsters from the rugged frontier, legendary weapons from the frozen north, cowboy inspired herders of gelatinous cubes and oozes, and three new savant archetypes!

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Once Upon a Time on the Rugged Frontier
A land filled with as much hope as with danger, the Rugged Frontier is a region that could be found in any gray area that separates an established civilization from the wilderness. The wide range, with its earth rich for farming and hills hiding precious metals, can mean the promise of a new beginning…or the threat of a fatal ending.

Legendary Weapons of the Frozen North
The tales, sagas, and folklore of northern Europe have long captured people’s imagination. One of the most striking aspects of these tales are the weapons: legendary arms with unique names, powerful abilities, rich histories, and often, tragic destinies. The most famous of these are weapons of the gods, such as Mjolnir, the hammer of Thor, and Gungnir, the spear of Odin. But they are not alone—almost every Nordic hero had an impressive weapon of some sort, and a sword was not truly a sword unless named.

Underland Ranchers
Far underground, there are those that lead lives and undertake professions utterly unknown to those on the surface. Imagine, if you will, a hallucinogenic landscape where wild and vibrantly colored mushrooms rise high into the air, tendrils quivering and waving in a non-existent breeze as they weave hypnotic patterns. Dense spore clouds choke the air, floating gently about before seeking purchase on barren stone, damp stalactite, or unguarded lungs with equal ease. This is the world of the cuberos (kyoo-BEAR-ohs).

Exemplars of the Academy
Foregoing the traditional paths of martial andmagical might, savants are characterized by a strong intellectual bent. Their academic focus, once harnessed, allows savants to wield unique, preternatural abilities in their area of expertise. This article introduces archetypes for students of the Arcana, Culture, and Nature skills.