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The stuff of legend in cold and temperate lands, dinosaurs rule arid grasslands and steaming fens and jungles. Although not inherently magical, the majesty of these mighty lizards invokes sheer primal awe; even the most docile herbivores can be earth-shattering titans.

Many Species. The hundreds of known species of dinosaurs share little in common with each other. Of the landbound dinosaurs, predators tend to run on two legs, while herbivores often walk on four. Some dinosaurs have armored or scaly hides while others bear bright, birdlike feathers. The largest predators, like tyrannosaurus rex , resemble wingless dragons—but dinosaurs are beasts, not magical creatures.

Domesticated Beasts. In the lands where dinosaurs dwell, humanoids frequently revere large dinosaurs as demigods (using such honorifics as “thunderbeast”and “behemoth”),  and they domesticate smaller dinosaurs as extraordinary farm animals and pets. Warriors ride triceratops and pteranodons into battle, a fact that makes the eggs of these dinosaurs highly prized. While the tyrannosaurus rex is difficult to train for war, many druids honor it as among the mightiest of beasts.

Mysterious History. While few deny that dinosaurs exist today, historical records suggest the great beasts were once extinct. This has led to endless speculation about what triggered the dinosaurs’ return: possibilities include druidic magic, divine intervention, or even a mass migration across a theoretical Plane of Time.