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Fey Servant

No one can be sure how a fey chooses what mortals to spare, transform, help—or simply abide for a time. Your unlikely host may have been a creepy gremlin, a stern satyr, or some similar denizen of the Dreaming. They spared you from many of that realm’s dangers all while you somehow resisted the inevitable change the Land of Faerie visits upon most mortals who remain too long. Even so, now no matter where you travel you carry a bit of the fey realm with you.

Ability Score Increases: +1 to Wisdom and one other ability score.

Skill Proficiencies: Arcana, and either Deception or Intimidation.

Tool Proficiencies: One type of artisan’s tools or gaming set.

Languages: Sylvan.

Suggested Equipment (Cost 7 gold): bell, gaming set (dice), mirror (steel), tinderbox, string (30 feet).

You gain either Fey Curse or Unseen Obligation.

Feature: Fey Curse. Complex objects like crossbows and firearms struggle to work in your hands, as do things like locks. You can never gain an expertise die on attacks made using crossbows and other weapons with more than a single moving part, but creatures wielding such a weapon can never gain an expertise die when using it to make attacks against you.

In addition, you gain an expertise die on ability checks and attack rolls made to destroy objects.

Feature: Unseen Obligation. If you beat a creature in a game or if a creature accepts a gift from you, that creature owes you an obligation. You can invoke that obligation once in the next hour to gain an expertise die on a check made to influence that creature, or to increase the save DC of an effect you create by 1d4. Similarly, if a creature verbally promises something to you, it owes you an obligation, though you can only invoke it in order to make the creature fulfill that promise.

Whenever you lose a game, accept a gift, or make a promise, you owe an obligation that can be invoked against you, though only those aware of your fey background are likely to understand and exploit this obligation.

Adventures and Advancement. You grasp upon and empower your connection to the Dreaming by overcoming or succeeding the entity that drew you there. If you take vengeance upon or otherwise claim victory over the fey that raised you, the secrets of nature are gradually revealed to you. Once each week, you can spend 1 minute reaching out into the Dreaming to call out for aid from the fey. A fey with a CR equal to or less than your proficiency bonus appears nearby, willing to offer you aid so long as you do not ask it to put itself in harm’s way.

Connection and Memento. Roll 1d10 on either the folk hero , hermit , or outlander background tables, choose, or make up your own.