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Gold Dragon

Haughty and regal, gold dragons carry themselves with the swagger of a gallant knight. They are both indispensable allies and terrifying foes. Should they deem a cause righteous, they take to it with absolute zeal, whether or not that cause aligns with the concerns of short-lived folk.

Aloof Hermits. Gold dragons greatly value their privacy. They know many humanoids regard them as god-like creatures capable of solving any problem. But as gold dragons learn from a young age, the more you help people, the more they need your help. Sooner or later, every side in every conflict petitions you for aid. Nasty business, says the dragon, who wants no part of it.

Deep Hoards. Though their loyalty can’t be bought, gold dragons appreciate treasure as much as any dragon. They happily accept offerings of gold or jewels. In fact, gold dragons can eat such treasures for sustenance (they enjoy pearls and gems especially) but they have no need to gorge themselves, meaning their hoards tend to grow larger as they age.

Guardian Vigil. Gold dragons maintain large territories, always keeping an eye out for extra planar threats, tyranny in nearby nations, and the encroachment of red dragons. Gold dragons can be over-zealous in their response to such threats, their righteous anger often causing unintended collateral damage.