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Preservation (Destiny)

The last remaining guardian of a sacred location, the keeper of an important relic, the only practitioner of an endangered tradition. Those with the Preservation destiny are the last bastion against something significant disappearing from the world. The reason and nature of what they are protecting can take many shapes, but one thing is certain: without them, it will be lost forever. Some through strength and endurance, others through cunning and subterfuge, they all strive to protect what few even know about from the constant threat of destruction and obscurity.

Work with your Narrator to define the nature of what you are trying to protect, as it can affect the campaign very differently if it is an object, a place, or something more conceptual like a tradition or lore.

Source of Inspiration: Save and Protect. You understand the importance of protecting the knowledge of those who came before you, their traditions and their creations. You gain inspiration whenever you help preserve something ancient.

Recover a scroll of lost knowledge, practice an endangered language, protect an important historic or religious site, preserve an ancient relic, learn a custom or technique of an old society.

Inspiration Feature: Preserved Lore. Your experience with maintaining ancient traditions and customs can help you remember the strangest bits of knowledge. Whenever you or an ally you can see fails an Arcana, Culture, History, Nature, or Religion roll, you can use a reaction to learn any information that would have been gained from a successful check.

Fulfilling Your Destiny 

You fulfill your destiny when you ensure the existence of what you were protecting beyond the need of your watch.

Amass a large number of practitioners of your tradition, guarantee an endangered location or item is protected from outsiders and enemies, found an institution dedicated to the study and preservation of ancient language or tradition.

Fulfillment Feature: It Will Remain. Your efforts have been rewarded with a place of strength and followers to maintain it and carry on your legacy. You gain a grade 5 stronghold (at no cost, but which you are unable to sell) that is appropriate to your preservation efforts, such as a library, menagerie, sacred grove, temple, or training hall. Work with the narrator to establish the location and particulars of this stronghold. Your stronghold also has a garrison, which has a number of solider equal to your stronghold’s staff level instead of half that number. Finally, you can grant the benefits of your stronghold feat to one ally that has spent at least a week at your stronghold. You can change this choice to any qualifying ally once per long rest .

Table: Death Destiny

D6 Motivation

1 Tradition: You must keep the ways of your people alive

2 Duty: You were designed as a guardian by another entity or figure of authority

3 Necessity: You are the last person able to do this.

4 Chosen: A deity or similarly powerful being has laid this mission onto you.

5 Family: This has always been the role of your line.

6 Love: You take deep and abiding joy in your culture and wish to share it