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You have done what few have managed: you have aged gracefully out of adventuring. Maybe exhaustion overtook you, maybe you had accomplished all you had dreamed. Whatever happened, you have done exceedingly little since then. Maybe you drank yourself into darkness each night, or maybe you’ve been content to just watch the flowers glow on a small plot of land you’ve bought yourself.

What pulled you back into a life of adventure? Do you want to go back to retirement? What drives you, and what beckons you to stop?

Ability Score Increases: +1 to Wisdom and one other ability score.

Skill Proficiencies: : Two from Animal Handling, Culture, History, Investigation, Nature, or Religion.

Tool Proficiencies: One type of artisan’s tools, one vehicle.

Feature: Genial Demeanor. You haven’t done much of anything in a very long time, at least nothing that pushed you. This means taking things slow, appreciating what’s around you, and stopping to smell the proverbial roses. When you’re able to take your time to get to know people or be part of a community (at least 24 hours), you easily make friends and otherwise get on well with people. Once per long rest , if you roll lower than a 15 on an Investigation check to gather information in such a settlement, your roll is treated as a 15.

Adventures and Advancement. a follower who wants to learn from you and follow in your footsteps (for example, a scout for a ranger, an acolyte for a cleric, a thug for a fighter, and so on).

Retiree Connections

  1. A shop owner who you’ve visited with nearly every day since your retirement.
  2. A gaggle of small children who constantly want to hear tales of your adventures
  3. The caretaker who doesn’t actually believe you were ever a great hero
  4. The now-reformed criminal who foolishly once tried to rob you.
  5. A child who serves as your live-in assistant.
  6. The up and coming adventurer you’ve passed your wisdom onto.
  7. Your family, who may or may not know of your past exploits.
  8. The loyal retainer who has stayed with you all these years.
  9. A troubled youth you’ve been asked to mentor.
  10. A corrupt official you’ve decided needs to be exposed for their crimes.

Retiree Mementos

  1. A portrait of your old adventuring party during a time of triumph.
  2. A mysterious relic you were gifted by a temple long ago.
  3. A preserved piece of a great enemy or monster you defeated.
  4. A book detailing basic home maintenance, with a bookmark at the hand-crafted bird feeder you’ve been meaning to fix..
  5. A worn and tattered piece of paper with a recipe on it that you kept meaning to cook.
  6. A map from an adventure you never finished.
  7. A key to some long lost treasure
  8. Your favorite hat, pair of boots, or similar item.
  9. A faithful companion, such as a mastiff , raven , or the like, a descendant of the creature that accompanied you on your adventures.
  10. The pebble given to you as “payment” from a street urchin you helped