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You’ve had to make a living with your fists, but you’ve never had time to develop a particularly attractive style of fighting. The world is a rough place to make it in, and if that meant breaking a chair over your opponent’s head or taking them down with a grapple, then so be it.

With this brutal fighting style at your disposal, did you seek out excitement and opponents or was fighting for pay merely a grim reality? Did you leave a trail of broken bodies or reluctant admirers in your wake?

Ability Score Increases: +1 to Strength or Dexterity, and +1 to Constitution.

Skill Proficiencies: Athletics and Acrobatics.

Tool Proficiencies: Thieves’ tools or brewer’s supplies.

Suggested Equipment (Cost 7 gold): Common clothes, brass knuckles, a bag of caltrops, and a crowbar.

Feature: Draw a Crowd. When fighting in a public area, you draw a crowd excited by the combat. If you win the fight, you earn enough to support yourself for the next week: the bigger the settlement, the higher your standard of living, up to a moderate lifestyle in a city.

Additionally, if you’ve fought in a settlement before, you gain an expertise die on Intimidation or Persuasion checks against locals from that settlement.

Adventures and Advancement. Your natural talent for combat and your brutal fighting style gains you a reputation in any settlement where you publicly fight. In settlements that hold staged fights (either in or outside of the law) you have an opportunity to earn enough to support yourself and your companions: the bigger the settlement, the higher your standard of living, up to a moderate lifestyle in a city. As your fame grows, you may be called on by wealthy patrons who can provide a rich lifestyle as long as you hold their interest.

Additionally, your reputation may also gain you one or many rivals. Depending on your level, your Narrator can create their own or choose from Appendix B: Nonplayer Characters in Monstrous Menagerie. Examples include: thug , tribal warrior , bandit captain , berserker , veteran , gladiator , and assassin .

Connection and Memento. Roll 1d10, choose, or make up your own.

Scrapper Connections

  1. The tavern owner who would let you be a bouncer for extra money.
  2. The person you looked to as an older sibling, who showed you the ropes.
  3. The drunk, secretly-noble patron that picked a fight with you, during which you broke one of their limbs.
  4. The street fighter you were sure you could beat, but ended up losing the fight to.
  5. The tavern owner who banned you from their establishment after you put three patrons through a table each.
  6. The underground fight promoter who talked you into participating in a few fights.
  7. The braggart you beat, who has never stopped trying to get their revenge.
  8. The rival who’s always been your toughest opponent, win or lose.
  9. The street urchin who always admired you.
  10. The underhanded gambler who tried to talk you into throwing a fight.

Scrapper Mementos

  1. A dagger you took from a drunkard who tried to stab you at a tavern.
  2. A tattered flyer advertising a fight between you and an old rival.
  3. A scar you received from a hidden knife during a brawl.
  4. A letter from an unknown sender requesting your “unique skill set” on a job.
  5. The sentencing papers from when you did time in jail.
  6. A tattoo or brand you received on the street.
  7. A wanted poster from a settlement where you got into one too many fights.
  8. A broken set of brass knuckles you used to use for extra protection on the streets.
  9. A letter from a small shop owner thanking you for fighting off a group of toughs trying to extort them.
  10. A cheap tin trophy you won in your first combat tournament.