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Submitted by tyleroi on Mon, 07/24/2023 - 14:42

Gate Pass Gazette Issue #13 Added

We have added the content from Gate Pass Gazette Issue #13 (from March 2023). This issue is filled with action of all sorts, whether you’re planning for a spelunking trip into ancient dwarven mines or sailing the Astral Seas with a new heritage, the zevites . We’ve also got a trio of tertiary casters to add even more flexibility and interest in your class options, as well as a set of backgrounds for those who knew constant combat even before their true adventures began.

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Life of a Combatant
For some, fighting is life. There are those that grow up constantly embroiled in combat, whether in street fights or on the battlefield. Through tactics, focus, or unconventional brutality, these warriors have learned from a young age to utilize whatever is needed to be victorious.

Those of the Astral Seas: The Zevites
The Astral Plane is filled with many wonders, most of them beyond mortal reckoning, but there are those that make their homes there: the zevites. On a plane where they are often outsiders and strangers even in the world they were born to, they are a people on the move, for on the Astral Plane all things are ever in motion. Regardless of where a zevite is, however, they are people with a lust for life itself. Sometimes that means laughing more readily or boisterously than others, other times wailing in abject despair at the passing of a mere acquaintance. They eat well, they drink well, and it has been said they love best of all. But this comes with a dark reflection, because they also hate with a deep-seated passion.

The Mines of Herekda
In the land of Elissar, high in the Westwatch Peaks, the mines of Herekda lie buried deep beneath the mountain Brentur. Also called Sorrow’s Peak, Brentur is hemmed in on all sides by a deep valley, mist shrouded, and filled with creeping hate.

Tertiary Casters
One does not need a lot of magic to get an edge from it. While many adventurers choose to specialize in the use of magic, others merely dabble—and find that even their limited spell knowledge gives them some useful capabilities. This article presents three archetypes for just such characters and a basis for similar casters.