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A wraith is an incorporeal spirit of pure hatred and malice. Its very existence destroys life around it. It leaves a trail of desiccated plants in its wake, and fleeing wildlife precedes its passage.

Vile Transformation. A wraith is formed when a humanoid with an evil alignment dies. The humanoid’s spirit, dedicated to cosmic evil and warped by depravity, becomes so suffused with negative energy that it is transformed at the moment of death into a font of cold, nullifying force. It turns its back on its former ambitions, dedicating itself to a new goal: the destruction of all life.

Sire of Specters. A wraith can create a specter from the spirit of a humanoid creature that has recently died by violence. This specter obeys the commands of the wraith that created it. A wraith left unchecked can create an army of undead that can devastate a countryside, leaving behind nothing but dead land and rotting corpses.

Undead Nature. A wraith doesn’t require air, food, drink, or sleep.