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Tiny dragon
Mundane; boon
Speed 10 ft., fly 60 ft

Regions: Country Shire, Feywood, Lofty Mountains, Tangled Forest, Unrelenting Marsh Urban Township (caves, rooftops, treetops)

Noted for their superior mimicry, wyverkeets are tiny, brightly-feathered wyverns that can mimic almost any sound, from a person’s voice to a bowstring’s twang. They are unaware of the words and noises they are repeating, and will often string together various sounds in a seemingly unending cavalcade. A successful Nature check (DC 14) reveals that noises that they hear often are the ones most frequently repeated, and astute adventurers may be able to glean potential dangers from a wyverkeet’s chaotic song.

While some find them charming, wyverkeets are true to their draconic nature, reacting viciously to captivity. Nevertheless, some brave—or, more likely, foolish—souls attempt to sell them for 250 gold, usually to disastrous results.