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Guardians of the Forgotten Kingdom

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(3 hours)

Littering the huge dunes like the abandoned toys of some gargantuan child are the Guardians of the Forgotten Kingdom, pale sand and strange skies defining the edges of their domain. While none know the original purpose of these huge statues, they are believed to represent the gods who once ruled these lands. Gold, gems, and wondrous items are piled around them as offerings, but among the riches lie the bones of figures who died here. An oppressive sense of being expectantly watched is apparent as adventurers move into the guardian’s domain.

Expected Homage. An adventurer making a successful Religion check can determine that the Guardians resemble sanctum statues. Such statues are typically placed in temples where only ordained members of the faith or those bringing substantial (200 gold or more) oblations are permitted to enter.

Feed on Magic. An adventurer who has spell slots available and succeeds on an Arcana check will detect the pull on their magical energies as they enter the domain. For each minute an adventurer spends within the domain, they must make a saving throw using their spellcasting ability or lose one of their highest available spell slots. Additionally, active spells with a duration have their remaining duration halved as they enter the domain and no spell slots can be recovered while here.

Possible Solutions
  • Entering the Guardian’s domain is easy, but any adventurer attempting to leave experiences the full force of its power. Each adventurer must make a Wisdom saving throw to escape the domain. Characters who took anything from the domain make this saving throw with disadvantage , while those who left an offering worth 200 gold or more have advantage .

Potential Outcomes

Critical Failure. The adventurer feels the desperate need to worship and spends the next 6 (1d4+4) hours before the statues, at the end of which they suffer a level of fatigue and make the saving throw again. They resist any attempts to physically remove them from the domain, but if removed the effect ends and they suffer 2 levels of strife .

Failure. The adventurer feels a dreadful sense of unworthiness, casting down any items they may have taken from the domain as they rapidly exit the area and suffer a level of strife.

Success. The sense of watchfulness and expectation pass, almost as though the guardian loses focus on the adventurer and they can leave without issue.

Critical Success. A warm feeling of approval comes from the Guardian. Roll on the Boons and Discoveries table.

Leave It Be

The adventurers can find another route, which takes 1 additional day of travel and earns no experience.