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Elsenian Span

rd tier (
(less than 1 hour)

Despite its graceful shape and the delicate carvings of birds and leaves, this narrow span does not feel elven, and no one is sure what the glistening white surface is made of. Those who cross the span report either an abject terror at the thought of crossing the slippery and railless arch, or a strange confidence in the path ahead.

Outsiders reporting the first sensation are viewed with suspicion by those who live nearby, as the bridge is believed to sift friend from foe, leaving the latter on edge and nervous.

Discerning Magic. Travelers aware of the Span’s lore or who make a History check recall the rumors about the bridge negatively affecting those with ill intent. The adventurers may focus their thoughts on positive intentions or perform a cleansing ritual with a successful Religion check before crossing. Doing so grants each participating adventurer advantage on their check to overcome this challenge. Those that have plans to harm or cheat the cloud elves (determined by the Narrator), make their checks with disadvantage .

Fly Away. The use of fly or similar magic (except levitate ) triggers a success for that adventurer. Creatures using wings or mechanical mechanisms to achieve flight also trigger a success, unless they fly within 30 feet of the span. Inside that distance something happens to the air, their flight speed is reduced to 0, and they immediately fall, leaving the area of the effect. At the start of each subsequent turn they may make a Dexterity saving throw to regain their flight control, regaining their flight speed on a success, or continuing their fall on a failure.

Possible Solutions
  • Each adventurer must make a Wisdom check to withstand the bridge’s magic.

Potential Outcomes

Critical Failure. The adventurer is overcome with severe vertigo. For the next 1d6 days they must make a Wisdom saving throw to voluntarily move within 10 feet of a ledge or window that is more than 20 feet high. In addition, they are plagued by dreams of falling. During this time they do not regain hit dice or recover from strife or fatigue during a long rest .

Failure. The adventurer is unhappy during their crossing and is left nervous, distracted, and strangely off balance afterwards. They suffer one level of strife .

Success. Feeling comfortable and secure on the bridge, the adventurer is able to enjoy the magnificent views and carvings that adorn the span.

Critical Success. The adventurer has never felt so balanced and is tempted to dance across the bridge. They gain advantage on their next attempt to avoid being knocked prone for the next 1d6 days.