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Casting Time
Creature or object under 500 lbs.
sycamore seed or scrap of silver cloth
Concentration ( 10 minutes )
Saving Throw
Constitution negates

Until the spell ends, the target rises vertically in the air up to 20 feet and remains floating there, able to move only by pushing or pulling on fixed objects or surfaces within its reach. This allows the target to move as if it was climbing.

On subsequent turns, you can use your action to alter the target’s altitude by up to 20 feet in either direction so long as it remains within range. If you have targeted yourself you may move up or down as part of your movement. 

The target floats gently to the ground if it is still in the air when the spell ends.

Cast at Higher Levels

When using a 5th-level spell slot the target can levitate or come to the ground at will. When using a 7th-level spell slot its duration increases to 1 hour and it no longer requires concentration .