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Icefield Fever

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Beyond the mundane danger of the icy weather, those who travel the icefields also run the risk of falling ill with a unique ailment.

Be Prepared. An adventurer wearing appropriate clothing for the environment makes any check for this challenge with advantage .

Exhausting Cold. For every four hours spent on the glacier, each adventurer makes a Constitution saving throw . On a failure, they suffer one level of fatigue .

Ice for Blood. Adventurers with resistance to cold damage automatically succeed on checks for this challenge.

Understand the Ice. An adventurer making a successful Nature check identifies channels and ridges in ice that allow the party to avoid the worst of the weather, granting each of them an expertise die for their checks.

Possible Solutions
  • Travelers must prepare themselves for the trek and find paths out of the wind. The adventurers make a group Survival check.

Potential Outcomes

Critical Failure. Each adventurer becomes afflicted with icefield fever and gains the poisoned condition. A long rest in a warm environment (such as a well-made camp or tent) enables an adventurer to make a Constitution saving throw , ending the condition on a success. Any effects that remove disease also end the effect.

Failure. Each adventurer that fails becomes afflicted with icefield fever as above, but the effect ends after a long rest in a warm environment.

Success. Despite the bone-deep cold, the adventurers manage to endure.

Critical Success. The adventurers survive and even discover something buried just below the surface of the ice. Roll on the Boons and Discoveries table.