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Submitted by tyleroi on Thu, 07/13/2023 - 13:39

Gate Pass Gazette Issue #11 Added

We have added the content from Gate Pass Gazette Issue #11 (from January 2023). This issue contains the Icefields of Rhinam, a dangerous and frigid place for any hero; a series of new subclasses focused on coordinating with animal allies; a new heritage and background for the mysterious cervid; and a new combat tradition, the Eldritch Blackguard!

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The Icefields of Rhinam
The glacial landscape of Rhinam is a place of beauty and danger. Some legends claim the gods cursed this land for the arrogance of its long-ago inhabitants. Whatever the truth, it brings new exploration challenges and monsters to test even the most experienced of adventurers!

Pets to Please any Party
It’s almost universally agreed: when going into danger, most feel braver with a loyal companion at their side, furry or otherwise. This article provides three archetypes to grant new classes the option to have a best friend accompany you on your adventures. With the addition of these archetypes, it becomes possible for a player to create a character with multiple creature companions.

Cervids; Power and Grace
A widespread and adaptable people, the deerfolk are found almost everywhere, from remote mountain peaks to densely-populated city centers. Appearing as bipedal deer with cloven hooves, sleek fur, and thick, hoof-like fingernails, their physical characteristics are almost as varied as their range. Many have horns, regardless of gender, and some boast a truly impressive set that appear as sharp tines or broad, palmlike expanses of solid bone, while others instead sport oversized, fanglike canine teeth that protrude from their lips like tusks. They are equal turns fleet-footed and stolidly powerful, and even the largest of cervids are capable of nimble movement in the heat of battle.

The Eldritch Blackguard
A combat tradition focused on bullying your opposition, avoiding retribution, and dominating the battlefield through a mixture of might and dark magic. The promise of such dark magic is tempting, even if it becomes but one step that an adventurer may step down upon a path to greater evils.