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Gauntlet of Dominion

Wondrous Item, Very Rare (requires attunement; cost 7500 gp)
Crafting Components

five knucklebones from a humanoid

This supple leather gauntlet covers the wearer’s left arm up to the elbow and has scenes of small humanoids being subjugated depicted in bone fragments along its length.

As an action, you can hold out your left hand and issue a single order from the list below. Choose up to 10 humanoids that can hear you. The chosen creatures must make a DC 14 Wisdom saving throw or follow your choice of the following orders for the next minute:

  • Acclaim. Affected creatures fall prone and offer up a constant stream of praise, preventing them from casting spells with a vocalized component or using any abilities that require speech.
  • Disarm. Affected creatures discard any melee or ranged weapons they have on their person and will not touch a weapon while this ability is active.
  • Follow. Affected creatures use their full movement to move towards you, stopping when they are within 5 feet.

The ability has no effect if the target is undead or doesn’t understand your language, or if attempting to follow your command is directly harmful to it. In addition, any damage dealt to a creature ends the effect on it.

Once you have used this property three times, it cannot be used again until you have finished a short or long rest .

Curse. Using this item draws the attention of a glabrezu , who may seek you out for its own purposes.