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Ghost Town

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(1 hour)

The silent buildings overlooking the single main street of this town are the last standing reminder of a time where people were hopeful or foolish enough to attempt a settled life in these lands. Even the local animals seem to avoid this place and its unearthly quiet.

Valuables, clearly abandoned in haste, lie in the open, free for the taking for those who manage to avoid what remains of their previous owners.

Dead Quiet. A successful Religion or Insight check tells the adventurer that breaking the utter quiet of the town would be dangerous. Singing, calling out, or casting a spell with vocalized components automatically counts as a Failure for that adventurer.

Ethereal Sight. Invisibility or similar effects offer no bonus to this challenge, as the restless spirits can see beyond the physical world.

Necromantic Charge. A successful Religion check reveals that an adventurer who casts animate dead does so as though using a spell slot 2 levels higher, even if they do not otherwise have access to that spell level.

Possible Solutions
  • A group Stealth check is required to avoid disrupting the spirits of the dead.
  • Adventurers can make a Perception or Investigation check to find any valuables still left in the ghost town.

Potential Outcomes

Critical Failure. The spirits of the dead descend on the party, who each suffer one level of strife and one level of fatigue as they escape from the torment.

Failure. Each adventurer that failed is swarmed by the restless dead and takes 2d6 + 2 necrotic damage.

Success. The party manages to collect 1d6 × 50 gold in valuables without disrupting the dead.

Critical Success. In addition to the results of a success, the party finds one random item from Table: Magic Items #4.

Dangerous Detour

Bypassing the town entirely is possible, but danger lurks in the vicinity. The party faces a random encounter of the monster or exploration type (re-roll any social or scenery results) from the Blasted Badlands , Haunted Lands , or other appropriate region.