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Leaving the Hall

nd tier (
(less than 1 hour)

The portals of the Harvest Hall cannot be opened without the permission of the Ruler of the Hall, and gaining that permission is often treated as a part of the festivities. The Ruler might demand those wishing to leave win a game of luck or skill, beat the fey in a riddle challenge, or overcome a physical challenge. Win and permission is granted; fail and a traveler may face forfeits and having to spend hours longer than intended at the feast.

Gifts of Honor. An adventurer offering well-presented compliments or gifts of food and drink to the ruler prior to asking permission to leave gains advantage on their ability checks against this challenge.

Reveler. An adventurer that takes part in the feasting for at least one hour and entertained the Hall with a song or story can make a Performance check. On a success, they automatically succeed on their check to leave the Hall.

Magical Escape. While it is considered rude and often accompanied by a blast of wintery air, it is possible to use powerful magics to escape the hall. Use of the following spells enable a creature to leave the hall without permission: dimension door , etherealness , gate , plane shift , teleport , and teleportation circle .

Possible Solutions

Adventurers may be called on to make one of a variety of checks based on the type of challenge offered by the ruler, but the ruler will consider the party’s performance as a group check.

A game of pure chance allows adventurers to roll a straight d20 against the Ruler, while a game of skill may call for an appropriate gaming set or tools check. Of course, a Sleight of Hand check by those attempting to cheat (or their companions) might gain them advantage.

A challenge of riddles may be resolved with a Culture or History check (or the Narrator may prepare actual riddles) and a physical challenge, such as maintaining a handstand for longer than one of the ruler’s companions, may require an Acrobatics or Athletics check.

Critical Failure. The Ruler takes offense at the party’s performance. They are banished to the lowest table and may not ask permission to leave for 4 (1d8 hours). The ordeal means each adventurer suffers two levels of strife .

Failure. The ruler is displeased that the party wishes to depart so soon and insists that they remain and enjoy the feast for at least the next hour. The adventurers all suffer a level of fatigue .

Success. The ruler wishes the party well and provides them permission to depart

Critical Success. The ruler is impressed and offers the party blessings and good fortune. Roll on the Boons and Discoveries table.