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Plane Shift

Casting Time
One creature, or you and up to 8 willing creatures linking hands in a circle
metal rod attuned to a particular plane of existence worth 250 gold

Duration: Instantaneous or Concentration (1 minute)

Willing targets are transported to a plane of existence that you choose. If the destination is generally described, targets arrive near that destination in a location chosen by the Narrator. If you know the correct sequence of an existing teleportation circle , you can choose it as the destination (when the designated circle is too small for all targets to fit, any additional targets are shunted to the closest unoccupied spaces). 

Alternatively this spell can be used offensively to banish an unwilling target. You make a melee spell attack and on a hit the target makes a Charisma saving throw or is transported to a random location on a plane of existence that you choose. Once transported, you must spend 1 minute concentrating on this spell or the target returns to the last space it occupied (otherwise it must find its own way back).