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Journey Checklist

When making a journey , follow these steps.

  1. Based on the world map, the Narrator determines which Regions exist on the route.
  2. For each Region determine the travel distance, travel pace, and resultant travel time.
    1. The Narrator determines the Region’s traits and task DC, and rolls 1d20 to determine the prevailing weather.
    2. Each adventurer selects one or more journey activities and makes relevant checks.
    3. The Narrator rolls for one or more encounters using the appropriate tiered table for that Region . These may be monsters, exploration challenges, social encounters, or scenery.
    4. Determine Supply usage and apply [conditions|fatigue] if necessary.
  3. Repeat step 2 for each Region .
  4. Arrive at your destination!

The order in which journey activities are resolved and when encounters take place is up to the Narrator, although we suggest that you resolve journey activities, and then run any encounters.