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Pact of the Censer

Approving of your desire to obfuscate and deceive, your patron has granted you a magical censer. As a bonus action, you can summon a Tiny censer; it appears in your hand or hanging from your clothing. This censer is destroyed if you use this feature to create another censer. You can also dismiss this censer without an action. The censer will burn any magical or mundane incense placed in it, but otherwise you can use a bonus action while holding it to cause it to produce smoke as a mundane censer, lightly obscuring your space for 1 round. Any effects that cause the censer to spread smoke do not increase the area of effect for anything burning within it. Anything burning within the censer moves with it when you dismiss the censer, and it is left behind in the censer is destroyed.

As a bonus action, or as part of the bonus action used to create the censer, you can order the censer to fly to an unoccupied space you can see. The censer has a fly speed of a number of feet equal to 10 × your proficiency bonus and can’t be commanded or used for any abilities if it is ever more than 60 feet away from you or if you can’t see it (though you do not need to see it for the entire duration of the effect, just to initiate it or give further direction).

You can cast spells with a target of Self and an area of effect that centers on you (such as burning hands , color spray , or antilife shell ) as though you occupied its square. This does not apply to spells that require a body, such as gaze attacks or spitting, such as with cobra’s spit.

Your censer has an Armor Class equal to 8 + your proficiency bonus + your spellcasting ability modifier and a number of hit points equal to your warlock level. It is destroyed if its hit points are reduced to 0. If you lose your censer, you can perform a 1 hour ritual to receive a replacement. This ceremony destroys the previous censer. If your censer is dismissed or destroyed, any spell or effect that it grants ends. You can only use one eldritch invocation or secret of arcana that utilizes your censer at a time. Using a second feature ends the first. The censer and any of its contents are collected by your patron when you die.