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Heroes’ Feast

Casting Time
beautifully crafted bowl worth at least 1,000 gold, consumed by the spell

The spell summons forth a sumptuous feast with a cuisine of your choosing that provides 1 Supply for a number of creatures equal to twice your proficiency bonus. Consuming the food takes 1 hour and leaves a creature feeling nourished—it immediately makes a saving throw with advantage against any disease or poison it is suffering from, and it is cured of any effect that frightens it.

For up to 24 hours afterward the feast’s participants have advantage on Wisdom saving throws, advantage on saving throws made against disease and poison, resistance against damage from poison and disease, and each increases its hit point maximum by 2d10.

Rare Versions

Komanav’s Final Heroes’ Feast. Instead of receiving any benefits, 10 minutes after the food is consumed all participants other than you take 8d10 necrotic damage.

Sidoneth’s Fantabulous Heroes’ Feast. For 24 hours afterward, you gain advantage on Charisma checks made against creatures that participate in the feast.