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Potion of Giant Strength

Potion, Uncommon (cost 300 gp)
Crafting Components

Giant body part, vial of mimic essence

After you drink this potion, for the next hour your Strength score increases to match the giant whose parts were used to create it (see Table: Potion of Giant Strength). The potion has no effect if your Strength is equal to or greater than the giant’s Strength score.

Table: Potion of Giant Strength

Giant  Strength Score Rarity   Cost   Appearance
Hill giant 20 Uncommon 300 gp  Muddy, gray
Frost giant 22 Rare 800 gp  Transparent, viscous
Stone giant 23 Rare 800 gp  Silver, shimmering
Fire giant 25 Rare 2,000 gp Orange, volatile
Cloud giant 27 Very rare 5,000 gp Opaque white
Storm giant 29 Legendary 52,500 gp Swirling black