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Lidded PIt Trap

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(less than 1 hour)

The floor ahead is rough and uneven.

The floor is stone-covered plaster or flimsy wood concealing a 30-foot-deep pit. Placing more than 300 pounds of weight on the floor (typically by two or more Medium creatures walking on it at once) triggers a Critical Failure. The pit can cover any area of floor, from a 5 by 5-foot pit blocking a narrow hallway to a 50-foot-wide pit that fills an entire room.

This pit has a cover that opens like a trap door or swings on a pivot. A lidded pit trap is similar to a hidden pit trap, except that it can be triggered and reset, perhaps with a concealed lever.

There’s a 25 percent chance that the pit contains the remains of previous adventurers, along with a Minor Treasure.

Exploration. A Perception or Investigation check reveals that the floor is unstable, or that there are no signs of travel through this particular area. Probing or tapping the floor above the pit reveals that the area below is hollow.

Keeping Clear. Once discovered, the pit can be bridged or circumvented. The party can travel over the pit one character at a time. Only a Large creature or one wearing heavy armor triggers it on their own.

Cover. Once the pit is detected, an iron spike or similar object can be wedged under the cover to prevent it from opening. Alternatively, it can be held shut magically with an arcane lock spell.

Possible Solutions
  • A creature can make an Engineering check to fortify the floor so that it supports more than 300 pounds of weight. On a failure, the floor appears to be fortified but is not.
  • A creature can jump over the pit.

Potential Outcomes

Critical Failure or Failure. The pit’s cover collapses, dropping creatures and objects into the pit. The trap’s cover is destroyed, and creatures that plummet into the pit take 10 (3d6) bludgeoning damage from the fall.