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Arcane Lock

Casting Time
Closed entryway or container
gold dust worth at least 25 gold, consumed by the spell

The target is sealed to all creatures except those you designate (who can open the object normally). Alternatively, you may choose a password that suppresses this spell for 1 minute when it is spoken within 5 feet of the target. The spell can also be suppressed for 10 minutes by casting knock on the target. Otherwise, the target cannot be opened normally and it is more difficult to break or force open, increasing the DC to break it or pick any locks on it by 10 (minimum DC 20).

Duration: Until dispelled or the target is broken

Cast at Higher Levels

Increase the DC to force open the object or pick any locks on the object by an additional 2 for each slot level above 2nd. Only a knock spell cast at a slot level equal to or greater than your arcane lock suppresses it.