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Planar Slumber (Tier 2)

The result of planar shifts, teleportation spells gone wrong, and the power of malicious fey or monsters of dream, planar slumber causes a creature’s taxed mind to turn to sleep to recover from the acute sensation of being detached from reality. A creature suffering from planar slumber is impacted by the curse in two ways, both of which require it to make a DC 16 Wisdom saving throw .

Firstly, the curse triggers each time they roll for initiative. On a failed, save the creature falls asleep and remains asleep until it takes damage or another creature uses an action to physically wake it. Secondly, the curse triggers when they attempt to take a long rest . On a failed save, the rest passes, but for the creatures it lasts only an instant and it only gains the benefits of a short rest .

After three consecutive successful saves, the curse is broken. A spellcaster with a spell available from the planar school may expend it to secure the affected creature to their current plane rather than for its usual effect. Doing so provides the target with a bonus equal to the level of the spell slot expended on any future saving throws against the slumber. Additionally, as a curse, planar slumber can be removed by the greater restoration spell.