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The Zephyr

With a deck just over 80 feet in length and 20 feet wide, the Zephyr is a beautiful rosewood ship hanging by ropes and chains from a massive canvas balloon framed with wooden ribs. Within the balloon a massive air elemental enjoys their time raising, or lowering, or racing the airship to and fro at the whims of Captain Talune.

The upper deck is divided into the forecastle, 15 feet deep from the prow of the ship, the Aftcastle, 20 feet deep from the stern of the ship, and the main deck occupying the 85 feet between. Within the forecastle is the ship’s galley, where the cook Alphonse prepares delightfully inventive meals for the crew and guests. Within the aftcastle are both the Captain’s quarters and also their modest library. Atop the forecastle is a lookout’s station at the prow, and upon the aftcastle the ship’s wheel.

The amidships are largely given over to the crew’s comforts, as well as two state rooms just beneath the Captain’s quarters. While the lowermost section of the boat, the hold, contains the cargo. While the cargo can be brought to the upper deck for disembarking when the Zephyr sets to port on water, a watertight cargo bay door on the starboard side allows for a quicker loading so long as the airship hovers, or rests in a drydock cradle.

The Zephyr
Stronghold Type: Airship
Size: Gargantuan (Grade 3)
Quality: Luxurious
Features: Floating in the air, mobile
Total Cost: 40,000 gold
Prestige Bonus: +2
Staff: 15